Teak Root Furniture

Teak root furnitureTeak root furniture from Jepara Indonesia. We are teak wood furnishings as well as house decorator producer specialist, our major items are teak root furniture, boat teak wood design furnishings, natural eroded teak products, etc.

Teak root furniture is an exciting new enhancement to our beautiful variety.
These products are carved from the root of the teak tree. The tree was felled many, several years ago but as opposed to melting the origins before replanting, as was done previously, these distinct items are currently being created.

Made from fallen teak wood trees, teak roots that would typically be scorched or disposed of are utilized to make furniture, such as feces and chairs, as well as flower holders, chopping boards and also other house devices. This procedure assists with Indonesian reforestation. The origin timber has a natural sturdiness as well as can be utilized both within as well as outdoors. Externally, the rich golden tone weather conditions to even more of a silver color. Styles are steered by the root’s private shape as well as circulation with each piece being handcrafted and absolutely distinct. The total effect is a collection that has a striking natural look, very responsive, rich with knots as well as gnarls.

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